Monday, May 19, 2008

No Fun Fest 2008. Stop.

Shallow Waters: Screaming and desperate. Just like us. "We will die from hunger." Brilliant.

The Cathode Terror Secretion: Brutal, devastating Power Electronics. Ooh, this night is shaping up to be the best. Filthy.

Werewolf Jerusalem: One of the sets I was looking forward to all weekend. Did NOT disappoint. Planes of 30- to 100-grit sandpaper moving parallel through the air. No throbbing. Just clear, direct lines of the harsh. Crushing.

Halflings: Spaced out noise frolic. House of horrors with plenty of trick doors. A tangled and tasty assault.

Edwige: Like a plane crash . . . from the first moment of unexpected descent to the last burning ember.

Ahlzagallzehguh: For all the bodies that were flying on this one I was kind of bored. Furious in a mild kind of way.

Sudden Infant: Reminded me why I've always thought Nine Inch Nails to be such a chickenshit. The body led the way on this one. Literally. Contact mikes on and in his body, breathing at and feeding off the audience. Highlight: Chastising one of the chuckleheads . . . "There is a little child. There is a little child. There is a little child. . . ."

ffh: Truly great set. Wiped the floor of the second stage with all the acts that had gone before. No histrionics. No theatrics. Just pure focused hate.

Lasse Marhaug + Dror Feiler: Dror Feiler greeted the audience with this (or, approximately this): "I don't come to your country much. When I try to use your transit system . . . It doesn't work. I think I don't like your country. But. I like you. I think you should make some more noise. And destruction. To destroy the system." And then they did. My back was totally giving out and I knew that this was the perfect way to end the night early. Gone.

No Fun Fest 2008, first night.
No Fun Fest 2008, second night.


Anonymous said...

you missed Tony Conrad (?) should be ashamed...

Heart As Arena said...

I missed all kinds of stuff. I was in a world of back pain, and had to leave early every night. Last night was the worst. But what I saw made it my favorite night of the Fest.

Anonymous said...

Maquette for a Stained Glass Window

Anonymous said...

I was joking...He played an exceptional set.