Monday, June 30, 2008

The Good Daughters.

Crushing show last night. Whew. The always fun and cranking Austerity Program got the old joints loose, but shit got stoopid serious when Daughters took the stage. Big tip of the hat to Mia and Jason for the introduction. Seriously. The band must sit around listening to King Crimson's Red and watching porn all day while bombing their systems with speedballs. Actually, nix the speedballs. There's no way in hell Daughters can do what they do with an ounce of, well, anything in their systems. Hell. I'd bet that they're all a bunch of teetotalers. Here. See what I mean? The singer was actually pretty subdued in that clip compared to last night. By the end of the show he was in his underwear and socks. This is how to get it done, kids.

Photos by the legendary Mia Gomez

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