Thursday, June 05, 2008

Downstairs Upstairs.

Killer news from the Noise/Black Metal mecca that is Hospital Productions on Tuesday. They announced that they'll be moving out of the basement at 60 East 3rd St. and taking over the main space recently vacated by Jammyland. So much for the good vibes. Congrats to Dom! I've gone off a number of times here at HAA about how I see Noise music as being equal parts art and music, probably even more the former than the latter. And I've gone off as many times singing the praises of Hospital. In a city where it's becoming more difficult to find a decent record store let alone one with such a specialty niche, it's heartening to see this development. Wicked, in fact. Fuck. Yeah.


Anonymous said...

oy! what happened to Jammyland!!!

- king stitt

Heart As Arena said...

I don't know, King Stitt. I know that they had a rent benefit a couple months ago at the Knit. I took that as a not-so-great sign.