Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Curse You Just For Caring.

Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

On the day the John Edwards' story was breaking Karen Finley sent out an email to announce her new show, Impulse To Suck: The Performance of The Apology and The Separation of Sex and State. It's inspired by a day that was supposed to start with an Eliot Spitzer speech about reproductive health and ended with, well, we know how it ended. Finley's timing isn't quite Slayer releasing God Hates Us All on 09.11.01, but it's in that direction. Sorry, but any artist this keyed into our collective national consciousness gets my attention. As important as her early work was I don't think it touches the ferocity of the new stuff. Seeing her show in November was like getting run over by a truck in front of 19 Berggasse while wearing an American flag diaper. Thursday night's performance is a one-off. Miss it at your peril.

Gail Collins
Mott the Hoople

Press release:
Karen Finley was in Albany, New York on March 10 to waiting to hear a speech from Eliot Spitzer on Reproductive Health. Instead later that day, Spitzer performed an apology with his supportive, devastated wife standing beside him. Finley will speak about the performance of the apology, the erotic transference of the media's fixation on Spitzer's frown and the emotional starring role for his wife, Silda.

Finley will perform her latest spoken word text which examines the confession, the apology, the imagining of the sexual encounter, the travel of the escort, the compulsion, the immigrant father's plan for his son to succeed and the couples imagined therapy sessions. Looking at the psychodrama in the intimacy of our political leaders, Finley poses to see the agony of the son's need for the approval from the father and the ancient wrestling of the ancient wrestling of the feminine archetypes of mother and whore.

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