Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ari Marcopoulos's Detroit is one of the highlights of the Biennial. Full of Noise, the film of the kids he captures making racket in their bedroom is loose and fluid and jammed with color. The music is as direct as the filming, improvised and fresh. Who are these kids? Wolf Eyes, Jr. The Squirrel Bait of Noise. Who knows? Who cares? What a blast.

Cool, but I'm also psyched for when Marcopoulos moves outside the frame and presents some Noise in the Whitney's lower room for their My Turn series. Orphan and Yellow Tears will be in the house. Yellow Tears, motherfuckers! The kings of The Piss Mop. Those who would fist pump to the processed sound of rain. The shirtless. If there's any hope for the space that has contained some of the most boring hours I've ever spent in the land of art (one word: panels), Yellow Tears are it.


Mark Barry said...

Once I figured out hoe to get in the box it was one of my favorite pieces too.

Heart As Arena said...

That was another one. I liked the box, but I only liked the Kennedy floating head.