Friday, December 15, 2006

Artists Out Of Work.

Well, at least McGraw-Hill's good for something. Their decision to ship a million jobs to Ohio has left a number of visual artists without a regular day job. This has led to a rent party under the cover of an art show. This will lead to much fun. Thank you, McGraw-Hill.

One of the participating artists, Patricia Harris, is someone I've been wanting to mention here for quite some time now. She employs pinhole cameras to obtain unpredictable and beautiful results. This unstable medium allows Harris to investigate the ghosts of time, collapsing the past, present, and future into one. She accepts an instability that reminds me of that Leonard Cohen lyric, "There is a crack in everything/That's how the light gets in." Luminous, baby.

Harris has an upcoming show at PS 122 in which she's introduced even more instability into the action. I, unlike Harris's cameras, can't wait.


Antonia said...

the photos are cool, expecially in connection with Cohen

Heart As Arena said...

Hi, Antonia. Yes. Perfect.

rb said...

yes! i love these and it's my favorite line of cohen's too, i repeat it often

Heart As Arena said...

In Leonard we trust.