Saturday, December 02, 2006

Here And Almost Now.

I did a quick hit on Chelsea Thursday night (ie, 27th Street + 1). When I hit that row I always start with Plus Ultra and work my way back to 11th Avenue. Winkleman's program rarely disappoints, and the new Boyce Cummings show is no exception. I love the feeling of possibility that walks through the door when one world leaks, breaks, or stumbles into another. Cummings' lovely and harsh paintings reveal these otherworldly meetings with aplomb.

Boyce Cummings

Over at 511 W. 25th there's a strong show at Margaret Thatcher Projects, Landscape Re-Imagined. I went there to see Sebastian Lemm's glorious c-prints and found other thrills as well. Mary Temple's re-constructions of light and shadow especially blew my house down. There were also some beautiful charcoal works by Raymond Saa. I'm ashamed to admit (OK. You know me. I'm not, actually.) that this was my first visit to MTP. It won't be my last. How this crew slipped under my radar for so long is a mystery, but I'm happy that it's solved.

Sebastian Lemm

Mary Temple

There are two shows opening tonight I'm especially looking forward to. In The Norf*ckeneasters' group show at Pluto seven samurai sisters will be surfing a swell in the sea of paint. Much damage is predicted. Also in Brooklyn, Dennis Kaiser's solo show opens at Outrageous Look. I'm not familiar with his work, but OL never fails to impress so it's a no-brainer.

Oooh. When I ran into Barry Thursday night and he tipped me to a painting show by art blogger, Joshua Johnson at Riviera. It opens tonight in Brooklyn. (Whoops. Sorry about that. It opened LAST NIGHT. My bad.)


pd said...

Brent, it was good to see you, however briefly, last night. Thanks for coming to see the show!!

slothy said...

hi HAA!!!!!! Thanks for making the trek out to our lil shew. It's always great to see you in the reals. ox

Heart As Arena said...

Yah. It was great to see you guys as well. Killah show!!!

Susan Constanse said...

That's Mary Temple? Wow! umm. again, wow!

Heart As Arena said...

For real