Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Posts Over At Creative Time.

Charles de Meaux, You Should be the Next Astronaut, for Creative Time's 59th Minute, 2006

There's a bunch of new posts over at my Creative Time blog. And while I'm on the subject of Creative Time . . . the upcoming project that Doug Aitken is doing for them--projections onto the outside walls of MoMA--is sooooooo going to rock.

Doug Aitken, rendering and stills from Sleepwalkers


Anonymous said...

Doug's installation at MoMA will be great, I'm looking forward to it for sure. He's one of our artists at 303 and we'll have a show coinciding with MoMA's. Seu George is supposed to perform at MoMA opening but receptionists are not invited. boo

Heart As Arena said...

Hi, Joann. Not fair! Receptionists unite. Actually, can you imagine THAT strike?!?!? Go for it.