Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's Not To Love (But Pure Unadulterated Hate)? Mort Aux Vaches, Mother Fuckers!

Sorry about the dearth of posts lately. Some freelance work has been eating up my time. To keep you informed and entertained I offer up this item description that was on a recent stock list I received from my man, Jason, at Chrome Peeler.

And I quote . . .

ZANDOSIS - "George W. Bush Go Straight To Fucking Hell" CD
Love them or hate them, Zandosis unleash their debut full length cd, “George W Bush Go Straight To Fucking Hell”. Zandosis unleashes a shotgun blast of mayhem. Sounding like Mike Patton fronting a guitarless Melt Banana on crack complete with such hits as “Dick Cheney Bleeding to Death on the Streets of Detroit”, “Donald Rumsfeld Buried Up to His Neck in Dogshit with Lawnmower on Top”, “John Ashcroft Flattened Under the Weight of a 5,200 Pound Replica of the Ten Commandments”, “Tony Blair Trampled By French Poodles”, “Pat Robertson Plagued by Locusts”, “Karl Rove Forced to Roam the Earth Forever as One of the Living Dead Feeding on Raw Sewage” including the soon to be MTV hit “George W. Bush Go Straight To Fucking Hell”. This cd has been six years in the making. Zandosis were way ahead of their time with most of these hits having been written six years ago.

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