Friday, May 18, 2007

Too Much Fun.

I had actually planned on not posting anything this weekend because I'm attending all four nights of the No Fun Fest, but I've changed my mind. My response to noise and sound work is closer to my reaction to art than it is to music, so I'm pretty comfortable discussing it here. Here's the first night's round-up.

Orphan Fairytale - An unexpected treat. Had never heard of her before. What was once ethereal is now edging toward full nightmare territory. REALLY strong set filled with slow surprises.

Oscillating Innards - Nothing new, but who cares. Blistering walls of sound and solid composition. Thrilling.

Evil Moisture - I don't remember this set. Did they play? Maybe I was downstairs. Wait. I remember now. They did a really short set but it was excellent. I think. No. Wait. Yeah. I totally can't remember.

Lambsbread - Y'know when bands do that big extended crescendo at the end of a song? That's how this crew begins the song and then they don't let up the pressure until they're done. Drums, bass, and guitar and they all play like they're Keith Moon. What a fucking blast.

Hive Mind + Damion Romero - Powerful drones that slowly bludgeoned my skull with a shovel and then buried me with it in the backyard. There will be no autopsy.

Yoshimi + Kim Gordon - OK. It just makes me feel good about life to know that there are two people on the planet who do their job this well. Yoshimi's attack on the skins was muscular and free. Gordon's bass playing followed no rules and possibly made up some new ones. And oh, that voice.

Hair Police - Shockingly unconvincing. I like them, but this is the first time I've seen them live. Reminded me of what I think a Ryan Adams set would be like. Flashes of brilliance between too much mediocrity encouraged by a crowd who knows how they're expected to respond. I left before they were done.

Pain Jerk - I was REALLY sorry I couldn't stay for the set by this noise legend as I would have liked to end the night on an up note, but I have to go to work tomorrow.

Night 2

Night 3

Night 4

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