Monday, March 10, 2008


Photo by Thomas Brinkmann

Don't miss this Thomas Brinkmann interview from XLR8 This, for me, is where the sound and the visual come together. Partly because the music is so visual, partly because the artist is so clearly inspired by visual art, and partly because of Brinkmann's tight focus on the design aesthetics of his releases. It might also have something to do with his label name as well: Max Ernst. His working methods encompass appropriation, collage, cut-up, and a healthy worshipping of the glitch. Brinkmann is in serious genius territory. Go there.

Money quote . . .

"Art is art and everything else is everything else, like Ad Reinhardt said. But I also agree with Joseph Beuys or John Cage by saying the contrary, [that everything can be art]."

Hat tip to David at Playing By Ear for pointing out this interview AND for turning me onto Brinkmann's music 11 years ago.

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