Monday, March 31, 2008

More LA Art Please.

Jimmy Baker, Potential Unlawful Combant @ Roberts And Tilton

It was another good year for the LA Art Fair. My impressions are posted over at ArtCal Zine as part of their special art fair coverage.


Simon said...


The LA Art Fair was a nice 'complement' to the Whitney Biennial (which had a particular east-coast feel, not that I am passing judgment on that.)

It was nice to see some previews of those emerging LA artists before they have shows here in the City.

In particular I enjoyed Carl Berg Gallery and Rose Gallery. They both certainly had a sense for the art fair.

Heart As Arena said...

I know, Simon. I really love this fair. The fairs, generally are always a complement to the Biennial for me. And that's not a swipe at the Biennial. It just fills in some of the holes. More on this in my next ACZ post.