Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your Daily Dose Of Irony.

The header from the online front page of the Times reads . . . "Redrawing the Art World: Women who are changing the boundaries of the art world."

Redrawing the art world my ass. I'm on my way out the door, but judging from this photo and a cursory glance at the article it seems that Miuccia Prada, maker of ugly shoes, is sketching with the same thick pencil used by those who came before her. Happy Easter, Poppa.

Please be aware that this post went from my noticing the balance in the photo to the actual posting in 5 minutes so I totally might be flying off the handle here. I'll take a closer look when I get back from brunch. In the mean time, I'm pretty confident in my loathing of the cock-heavy group photo. And don't get me started on the "Introducing . . ." poses by Francesco Vezzoli and John Baldessari. Oh thank you Great Fathers. Thank you for clearing the way for the little girls. They couldn't have done it without you. Seriously. Does the Times think before they do anything?

Post Easter Brunch Coma Update: Naah. My first impression holds. The article is mostly about the boys she's supported over the years. Surprise. Surprise.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but between 1993 and 2007, only 3 out of the 25 artists exhibiting at Fondazione Prada were women. How do you say Jennifer Dalton in Italian?


Anonymous said...

Miss Prada looks like a man.

Joseph said...

Very good point. I was extremely disappointed by that article as well.

Sometimes I really feel like the Times doesn't deliver much more than fashion.

Heart As Arena said...

I don't know about that anon, but that dress does make her look like a child. And I couldn't agree more with your agreement with me, Joseph. Although besides fashion they did help deliver this little hell-on-earth war of ours. Credit where it's due, man.

Anonymous said...

You didn't even mention the "Ladies Who Launch" PHOTO SHOOT of arts administrators!

Heart As Arena said...

Oh, I totally missed that. THAT didn't bother me that much though. And at least it was on point. Plus one of my buds is one of the Ladies. The only photo I might have had a problem with was the one of Yvonne Force Villareal and Doreen Remen, but those two have made the same choice elsewhere. No comment.