Friday, July 11, 2008


Kathryn Andrews, Sugarman's Coleman, 2008

I couldn't stop looking at this work by Kathryn Andrews in the group show that's up at Rivington Arms. There were a number of pieces that knocked me out in this show, but this one acted like some kind of yearning magnet on me. At the opening I kept getting pulled back into its field when I had been away from it too long. I would get almost hungry for it. Feeling gravity's pull, for sure. Seriously. I'm not gonna shut up about this show until it goes away, until There is no there there. really isn't there. Benjamin Provo is officially a curator-to-watch. Impeccable flow.


Mark said...

Yet so simple, nice.

Heart As Arena said...

The real hurtin' is put on when you look at it from the side.