Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Take note.

Take note. Bend it. Maybe even kill it. See what happens. Follow the lines that fade.

The ever-excellent 12k label will be hosting a special evening at the the Issue Project Room on Thursday night. I pretty much guarantee a killer show. Label head Taylor Deupree is a third of the roster. Who knows where he'll go. Micro? Macro? Doesn't matter. His work always ends up in an interesting place. I've been waiting to see him play live for about 10 years, so anticipation is high. Been diggin' Kenneth Kirschner's work since it first appeared on 12k and SubRosa in 2003. Total piano fuckery and electronic loopage galore, it mainly just manipulates my heart. More than all the other artists I'm looking forward to seeing how his resonance fills the IPR space. (The other thing I dig about Kirschner is his "Here. It's yours." approach to the music biz. Feel free to download all his work here.) Last and probably not least is Jodi Cave. I'm completely unfamiliar with his work, BUT the fact that he's on 12K tells me everything I need to know. Deupree has consummate taste, and people don't land on his label by accident. They usually exploit accidents once their there, but that's another story.

Finally, the other reason I'm so looking forward to the evening is that David Hodgson of Playing By Ear fame will be tweaking the sound of the room with high-high-HIGH end cables and interconnects. These three artists who push their work to the edges of sound and back will have the benefit of Hodgson's tweaking mastery. Trust me on this one. It's something to behold. He's made my own system sound $10,000 dollars better with the simplest of $100 interconnects. He has some sweet sauce, that guy. That sounded dirty. Well, whatever. Full-on slammin' sound is HOT. For real. Seriously, kids. This is gonna be great.

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