Friday, July 18, 2008

This Is How I Feel.

Hey. Sorry 'bout the lightness of posting lately. 1. It's summer which means more drinking and picnics. 2. I've been working on something. Not to go all Winkleman on you, but I'll share the details when things are more firmed up. And no, I'm not doing what we're all betting Ed is doing.

Plus, this is the part of the summer when I finally go to see the summer shows in Chelsea only to be reminded--as I am every single year--that a boatload of the galleries are closed on Saturdays for the hot months. Which is what happened on Saturday. Sorry kids, I don't have that much jam.

So, enjoy the the Ryan Adams vid. The song is derivative as hell, but it's fucking great. It's a balance. Be the fulcrum. Whatever. To see Doug Aitken's take on the song click here. (Nice Christian Marclay reference, by the way, Mr. Aitken). You knew this was coming back around to art, right? So, not whatever. Not whatever at all.

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