Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unbreak My Heart: EJ Hauser.

Crew Man

EJ Hauser, man. The moment we figured out her wall, Bongwater came onto her iPod shuffle. A blessing from Ann Magnuson. That's all you need.

Unbreak My Heart Press release . . .
EJ Hauser: Whew! I was unfamiliar with EJ Hauser's work before artist Sarah Peters introduced me to it. (Thank you, Sarah.) Abstracts, not-quite-abstracts, and text paintings make up her three-pronged attack. The lines she develops in the text paintings are so strong you can forget the text, but I'd recommend against that. There's too much fun to be had therein. Killer stuff all around, actually. Beauty can be hard. Beauty can be delicious. In EJ's work it's both.

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Martin said...

go ej!

wish i could make this show.