Monday, July 27, 2009

All Their Taste Is In Their Mouths.

Above, dill weed.

Paddy at AFC had this reaction to Richard Polsky's latest blatherings on Artnet. Mine is shorter and more to the point . . .

If you're a collector and you pay attention to ANYTHING Richard Polsky says about art, then you're a fucking idiot. There are a lot of other places to get better collector information. Maybe talk to Tim Nye at a party. Maybe read Art & Auction. Hell, read the Daily Racing Form and you'd be in better shape than if you read Polsky's drivel. Also, one other option would be to look at the art. If you like it, then you could buy it.

If you think I'm holding a grudge against Polsky for writing the worst Warhol-related book in the history of Warhol books, you're right. But mostly I can't stand the clumsy writing, the self-pitying voice, and his consistent choice of ear over eye (While claiming to do the opposite.). He has a long, useless history of advice for people with shitloads of money who don't want to part with it (but expect you to), and whose only taste is in their mouths. It's a perfect storm for a bad collection. Actually, if you pay any attention to Richard Polsky you probably already have the collection you deserve. Go for it, well-moneyed dillweeds!

Obviously, I'm back. Sometimes I'm disappointed in myself for embracing the meanness that seems so easy online. This is not one of those times.