Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Meaning is in the Wonder"

Some sad news from California. Danielle Baquet-Long, half of the husband-wife drone duo Celer, has died of heart failure at the age of 26. I only came into contact with their music in the past year, but I was immediately moved by their enveloping sound sculptures. Celer created beautiful drones with unpredictable lines built from a variety of musical and non-musical sources. Layers of sound shift like soft tectonic plates on their way out to sea. Celer was exceptionally prolific, and yet the quality never suffered. Every release I own is like stepping into a golden memory that's happening at that very moment. Baquet-Long and her husband Will Long's work together was a towering, beautiful thing. Through Celer and her sweetly titled solo project Chubby Wolf, Danielle Baquet-Long has left a trail of wonder behind her. And now it means everything. Except for everything else.

Her voice will be missed.

"The Meaning is in the Wonder"
- Kenneth Patchen

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