Monday, July 13, 2009

Opening Bell.

One of my favorite pieces in Creative Time's show on Governor's Island is Klaus Weber's Large Dark Wind Chime (Tritone Westy). Partly because of it's use of one of the most basic rules of Doom Metal, the tritone. (Here, arguably, is the original tritone metal moment: Sabbath, of course.) But also, it's the placement of the piece. Looking out past the field and over the water the eye lands squarely on the porcupine assfuck that is Wall Street. The tritone was prohibited in the Middle Ages, for fear that it could open the door to evil. Clearly, that rule was ignored, and nobody bothered to close that door. But hey, at least Morgan Stanley is going to be showing massive profits. Everything will be alright.

Sidenote of the day: Governor's Island is one wild jewel. If you live in NYC and you don't visit this summer, you crazy.

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