Monday, July 06, 2009

A Salt And Battered Tree.

I wonder if there are lawyers living in those little huts that Richard Woods made for the Public Art Fund? Cuz, yo. The River Café ain't backing down on the whole Olafur-hurt-our-trees front. The Brooklyn Heights Blog reports that the New York Post reports that the RC is totally suing the Public Art Fund and Olafur Eliasson for $3 million for all the tree trauma caused by the NYC Waterfalls. That's a lotta salt water. The River Café doesn't like anybody fooling with their environment. For years GE executives weren't allowed on the premises until they agreed to stop polluting upriver.


David said...

Woah. Is that true about the GE executives? That's three kinds of awesome.

Heart As Arena said...

Oh, totally. I saw the plaque the first time I ate there about 10 years ago. I forget the specific place that they were dumping, but the message was pretty clear: Until GE stops dumping pollutants into our river, all GE executives are forbidden on the premises.

I'm gonna have to poke around to see if there are any pics of it out there. It was pretty great.

Heart As Arena said...

Not a pic, but an excerpt from a Jack Welch book.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in NYC years ago, I was a plant technician. Twice a week, for about 2 or 3 years, I went to the Waldorf and watered three plants in the Welch apartment.

Was friendly with the maid who would let me in the apartment Eventually learned that Welch and wife (Jane not Suzy) never gave the maid a Xmas bonus even though she had worked for them for years.

Just saying.