Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm on my way to Pittsburgh for a long weekend and I don't have enough time to give you the specifics about why the Joe Fig exhibition at Plus Ultra is so absolutely perfect. Interviews with artists and sculptures of their studios: Chuck Close, Amy Sillman, Ryan McGinness, Dana Schutz, Karin Davie, and many others. Look at my pics and then run out the door and see the show.

I was thrilled when the gallery extended the run because the flu knocked me out on what was going to have been the last weekend. Here's more good news: They've extended the show again so you can still see it this weekend. The intimacy of it all--visual and aural--will warm your heart and kick you in the head. I have a couple internal signifiers that go off when I'm in the presence of the mad goodness. Giddiness is one of them, and I have to tell you: I was practically shaking. Brilliant.

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

April and Eric: August 10, 2004

April and Eric: August 10, 2004

April and Eric: August 10, 2004

Ryan McGinness: March 23, 2006

Amy Sillman: January 6, 2006

Gregory Amenoff: March 28, 2006

Matthew Ritchie: September 5, 2003


Anonymous said...

I love the first few shots HAA. I saw the show, but your close-ups are really wonderful. It was a fun show.

JD said...

Yeah, that was a totally fun show. It's the obsession most humans have with miniature versions of ourselves (like dollhouses and dioramas) plus the fascination of hearing other artists' studio practices. I admit to having evil feelings about the Fischl/Gornick studios, though.

sloth said...

SO fun. I loved the anthropological aspect. and the humor. Art takes itself so seriously... this was refreshing.