Friday, May 05, 2006

So Far, So Good.

Really, really good. I know I'm starting to sound like a Teletubby when it comes to Gray-Kapernekas ("Againagainagain!"), but they just don't seem to know the meaning of failure. On the way home from the preview tonight I thought of the phrase "aggressive beauty" to describe the quartet of Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe paintings. That wasn't quite right though. Don't get me wrong. This is stunning work, but it doesn't come at you. It's way too self-assured to need to do that. This is a beauty that simply stands its ground, come what may. These paintings are immediately striking, then they somehow recede only to turn around and betray something deeper. Watching closely they moved with me, or was I moving with them? Doesn't matter. Either way it's a fabulous trip. My abstract heart was all atwitter . . . again.


Florin Hategan, detail from Target #1, 2005, Linocut, 36 x 48 inches
Just down the hall there was an opening at the International Print Center for a show selected and curated by Richard Tuttle. Obviously, we're in good hands here, and the excellent results are no surprise. Highlights were John Baldessari, Amy Worthen, Benjamin Edwards, and Florin Hategan. As a bonus to the bonus their was a nice array of prices for you collectors out there (I apologize for the temptation right here and now, Cesar.) But like I said, the quality: All top notch.

Bonus Knowledge

On the way home I noticed that the new Ashley Bickerton is opening on Saturday at Lehmann Maupin. I almost always like Bickerton's moves. Sheer pleasure. Take what you will from his work. Beauty? Check. Composition? Check. Mad art history references? Check. He is very much the man. Opens on Saturday.

I stopped in at the opening for the new Thomas Helbig paintings at Bortolo Midayan. Wow. Really, really boring. Especially in contrast to the thrills at G-K and the IPCNY. Sometimes with shows like this, I'm saved by drawings that might be hanging around. Not the case here. I'll give the show another shot, but for now that's my verdict.

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