Monday, May 08, 2006


Scott Walker's last record, Tilt, came out over ten years ago and I'm still getting over it. I listened to it the other day and it continues to open up and confound in unexpected ways.

His new record, The Drift, is released today by 4AD.

Meticulously crafted from inception to execution, Walker's songs are fearless, challenging, and huge. Apparently, The Drift is another step into the deep. The Observer gives a clumsy (almost inept) telling of of the singer/songwriter's history, and then gets around to conveying the devestating effects of the new record. Momus not only thinks that The Drift is better than Tilt, he's actually in fear for your life upon the listening. Trust me when I tell you that in this instance, Momus is not playing the role of the unreliable narrator.

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