Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tyler Green's post today reminded me of one of the best photo policies in the history of the world . . .EVER. The Tom Museum in Pittsburgh. Run by artist Tom Sarver, The Tom Museum is a project of The Mattress Factory. The Tom Museum allows you to take a photo of anything on the premises with one simple provision: Tom has to be in the picture. Sorry, but that's nothing short of genius.


Susan Constanse said...

Great photo!
Tom is a real sweet guy.

Heart As Arena said...

Tom and his museum were just great. AND it was the perfect introduction to the world of art for my 11-year-old nephew. He loved it.

John Morris said...

Wow, I have taken shots at the Mattress Factory all the time. I am not sure of an official policy there, but Barbara and Michael have always let me take shots.

In a city like Pittsburgh which doesn't get major national arts coverage; it really is important.