Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How's Your House?

Kyle Bravo

Second Line, the group show at Ad Hoc Art in Bushwick, is a reponse to the second anniversary of Katrina. Yeah, I know. Second. It seems like just yesterday when Hell visited the Delta. It probably seems like that because it's still the fuck in residence. They might have badly rebuilt the levees, but the Stygian flow keeps on rolling.

Gerald Cannon

Jump on the L, and you won't be disappointed. Highlights . . . Kyle Bravo's houses in the wind carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Will they ever land? Brilliant and horrible. Gerald Cannon's gentle drawings mine the twin veins of strength and vulnerability. Dodgy name and all, Sean Star Wars takes the glove off and appropriately throws a few blows below the belt. Last but not least, Deborah Fisher understands that decay can be just another word for growth. Her corrosive (literally) Garden District Meets The Mississippi moves forward, slowly, with an unstable future. Sound familiar?

Deborah Fisher

Sean Star Wars

Raina Benoit

Jenny LeBlanc

Annie Yalon

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fisher6000 said...

Thanks for coming to see the show!

I'm talking about my work in relation to New Orleans on September 14, as part of the film screening...