Saturday, September 29, 2007

Instant. Replay.

As predicted Heavy Tapes brought it to The NY Art Book Fair. In one of the best moves in the fair they were offering 10 single edition cassettes. And here's the kicker: The music was composed and played on analogue synth on the spot. I chose one of 10 possible titles from a list (Open Drain, Empty Space), returned in about half an hour, and Mike Bernstein--operating under the moniker Workbench--had committed the music to tape. A driving pulse gets pushed over the edge, swallowed, and then spit back out in crunchy sprays of sound, but not without sustaining much internal damage. It's a bit Jonah in the belly of the whale without the happy ending. I like it. One of one.

And yeah, it's no surprise that the fair's totally great. I enjoyed the 2nd floor more than the 1st. I mean, it's ALL good, but the independence level was higher on the 2nd floor which made for a more lively environment. Don't even think about it. Just go.

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