Saturday, September 22, 2007

One Way Out.

"'We very much appreciate the fact that the court granted us the right to use our discretion and we’ll use it very carefully,' said Mr. Thompson, who added that he would consult with art scholars, people who helped work on the installation and many of the museum’s visitors before he decided whether to open the unfinished installation or dismantle it."

Yes. Because your actions have been so well-measured and thoughtful up until now. Good luck with anybody anywhere ever respecting or trusting your sorry institutional asses again, Mass MoCA. I think a nice controlled ritual cleansing fire is in order, supervised by the North Adams Fire Department of course.

ADDENDUM: If you came to this post via Anaba, please click here to read my comment about a majorly incorrect assumption that was made about my relationship with Creative Time and Nato Thompson. Unless you've already read it. Then, never mind. Thanks.

ADDENDUM TO THE ADDENDUM: Anaba updated the info. Thanks, Anaba.

SUPER ADDENDUM: I am so over this whole Mass Buchel mess.


Anonymous said...

hey snapper!

sorry, my assumption was that you "work" for creative time, but i've fixed it to say that you "volunteer" for creative time.

Heart As Arena said...

Hey! Thanks, I was just about to email you to thank you for the change. But here you are.

On a totally unrelated note . . . I just ran into Sarah Peters on the street. She's everywhere.

Anonymous said...

have linked you on my blog and haven't really read (understood) your relationship to the curators or MASS MoCa...

but when ICA had the Karen Kilimnik reto last year ( ) the curators were thrown into a "tizzy" re: last minutes changes (labels, etc...) by the artist. Not saying the two artist are comparable (content) but their "modes" of assembaledge are very similiar.

Also, thought the Kilimnik show was really good/strong. Have never been to MASS Moca. Depending what the institution does, definitely plan to make the trip.

contextual quote re: both situations...

"The artistic temperament is a disease which afflicts amateurs." -
G.K. Chesterton

again, not really sure whether you were happy with the court's decision but thank you for letting me respond nonetheless.