Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten Years Before Ten Years After?

I've been reading Jerry Saltz's Seeing Out Loud and this passage from Ten Years After, a piece from 2001 on Matthew Marks' 10th Anniversary, made me think of Ed Winkleman and his soon-to-be-published book, How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery. On his blog post, Winkleman talks about his editor's view that, despite the present economic situation, it is a good time to release a book about opening a gallery. Smart editor.

Onward . . .

From Saltz [italics mine]:
"Marks isn't exactly an aspiring dealer who inspires by making something out of nothing. He doesn't do things small and he doesn't seem to have to. Not only was he one of the first gallerists to open in Chelsea (on 22nd Street in October 1994), he opened big, and by November 1996, had expanded to an additional location on 24th Street. However, when he debuted at 1018 Madison Avenue in 1991, things weren't so rosy. The economy was in recession, everything was in flux, and no one knew what was coming next. It turns out these are ideal conditions to start a gallery. And many did. If all goes well, a number of them will celebrate 10-year anniversaries shortly."

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