Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome To Miami, Part 2.

Joyce Pensato kicking ass @ Petzel

Part 2 of my Miami overload just went up at ArtCal Zine. Wow. What a wonderful week. And again, a mountain of gratitude and love to Uncle Crockett and Francesca.

Envoy Enterprises' sweet riff on Karen Kilimnik

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Anonymous said...

Very well-written reflections on Art Basel and its surrounding venues. Uncle Crockett's and my trip to the art world in Miami (armed with Brooklyn-based pastry delights) became a personal adventure of three. Educated through your eyes while riding on the adrenaline of your enthusiasm, we enjoyed our miles of unexpected-art walks. Thank you for allowing us to smile and get closer to works we never would have seen otherwise. (At one point, I thought we would lose the Crockett in his fascination with the video art of man-on-all-fours versus rug-person in a mouth-clamping tussle.) Time spent with art and one's nephew makes for a colorful tapestry of memories indeed (even though I was only rated an 8.65)