Monday, January 09, 2006


Fra Angelico's Christ Crowned with Thorns. One of the most unsettling paintings of Christ I've ever seen. I could not stop looking at it. A day later it hasn't let go of me. Every piece of art and music I've experienced in the last two days seems like the weakest of water. Sometimes an artist finds the very core of something. This is one of those paintings.

And I have to say that later it made me think of how weak Mel Gibson's piece of anti-semitic idol worship was. Damn. That shit made me crazy then, and it makes me crazy now that so many couldn't see through to the hate hiding in all those well-lit shadows. I'm still down with Hitch's perspective on it. While Mel the fascist hypocrite's foray into Christic representation was filled with fear, the Fra Angelico painting is nothing but unflinching love.


Sophanit said...

hello! it's be the story so sad.
see you

Cheeseman said...

I'll have to agree with you on this's very unsettling. Incredible, but unsettling.

Mountain Man said...

This whole show blew me away so deeply. I want to see it again before it closes. It was one of the most intense group of paintings I have ever seen.

Heart As Arena said...

MM. I couldn't agree more. I was SPENT when I was done walking through it for the second time. And the last time I was looking at Christ Crowned with Thorns I was standing beside an elderly nun. That ruled.