Monday, January 30, 2006

Ike Is Hot.

The David Humphrey and Jeff Gauntt show at Sikemma Jenkins & Co. kills. Serious wonderment, kids. Thoroughly enjoyed the Gauntt, but the Humphrey is what really put a hurtin' on me.

This first one is especially unfair. I think that those critters might actually be alive or something.

David Humphrey


sloth said...

David Humphrey is a genius painter, no doubt about it... somehow he consistently hits it out of the park again and again.

LOVE the porn star ike painting. I know he had to paint out the giant erection, but the ghost-boner remains, is hinted at by the wanton pose.

And those weebil dogs! Haunting. Especially the one with the human eyes.

Heart As Arena said...

That's what I'm sayin', man. Those critters are alive. It's unfair. They open the gate and, in a rush, you're into the painting. No choice. It's all over you.

mountain man said...

I am in love with love when I see these paintings and read your remarks. Ike is suddenly the stuff of excitement and enclosed pets are worth projecting depth of feeling onto. These are good times. Good times for painters and lovers of same.

sloth said...

True fact, MM. This is a good moment for painting. And TV.

Heart As Arena said...

Robyn Hitchcock brings it all together. This painting, love, the act of painting, TV . . .

Binga bonga bing bong bing bong
Binga bonga bing bong bing bong

Television, say you love me.
Television, say you care.
Loneliness is my profession.
Show me those who are not there.

Television, murmur to me.
Deep inside my room tonight.
You're the devil's fishbowl honey.
I undress before your light.