Friday, January 27, 2006

Project Yourself.

Just received the latest issue of The Sound Projector from Aquarius Records in San Francisco. The Sound Projector's focus is on music and sound art that is way off the beaten path. Actually, it's about work that's not even on the path off the beaten one. In the middle of all the reviews of porch light sound recordings and features on such hitmakers as Shadowbug 4 and the Climax Golden Twins (Two personal faves of mine. Seriously.) might be a long article dissecting the symbology of Blue Oyster Cult's early album covers and songs. Even better though--in a totally Dada move--they sometimes have a short section where they do straightforward reviews of the latest records by Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, and Jojo. Too much.

It bums me down that I can't buy this bit of wonder in the city. It seems like something that Other Music (for the music and sound art) or Printed Matter (for the sound art and the folk illustrations) would be carrying.

How spoiled am I?

Seriously, anybody interested in the odd and the lovely should buy The Sound Projector regularly. Ed Pinsent is the publisher, editor, writer, illustrator, designer, and a number of other invisible things. There are other people involved in the art and the writing, but Pinsent is the main man. The following illustrations are all his, with color he added after the fact. The color scheme of the 'zine is just red, black, and white. I couldn't find the really zany obsessive stuff online, but this'll do.

Propeller Head


Sexual Ironist

This Heat

Yabby You


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