Thursday, August 10, 2006

It Rubs Against One's Tongue.

OK. LA is kickin' my ass in the best of ways. Here are some of the pics.

My favorite piece of the day was one of the first: Anthony James' sublime Birch 4 X 4 X 4 in The Monty Hall Problem at Blum & Poe in Culver City.



Bring the War Home at QED. Probably my favorite show of the day.

Martin Creed's Big Dog at MC. And yes. These are real dogs. They are there during gallery hours.

Last and very much NOT least . . . LACE in Hollywood. Over cocktails with director Carol Stakenas I realized that, Los Angeles, you are a very lucky city to have both LACE and Carol. She's got plans for you, and they're all good. They're all very, very good.

And let's not forget my lunch at Oaxaca on Venice just off of La Ceniega. Thank you, Genevieve!


Anonymous said...

The Birch piece is really beautiful..
love the posts..


Heart As Arena said...

Thank, A. Yeah. That Birch. Pretty amazing.