Thursday, August 31, 2006

they blow and they suck.

New Hoover convertibles, green, red, brown, new Hoover deluxe shampoo polishers yellow, brown doubledecker by Jeff Koons

That would be this sculpture and that Owada, but these are arty things. Covering the straight-up blowing and sucking for the last 3 days? That would be Verizon. Verizon is not arty. They just blow and and they just suck. No internet for me, and no posts for you. Chances are that there won't be any over the weekend either due to Verizon not sending somebody out to fix things until Monday. I'm piggy-backing on someone else's signal right now, but it won't last. So, that's the deal. See you on the other side.

And yes. I know. I'm mixing my art references, Creed and Koons. But wasn't it fun, and don't their names together sound like a funeral home?

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Liz Weber said...

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