Thursday, August 17, 2006

LA Revelations.

1. I appreciate Ed Ruscha's paintings in a new way now. This is what I saw driving through the valley every night after sunset, and it always reminded me of Ruscha's backgrounds slowly burning from one color to another.

The Back of Hollywood (billboard)

Suds Grey

2. Luke Whitlatch. WTF? Where did this guy come from, and why doesn't he have a gallery? He should have one in Los Angeles and New York. Somebody needs to get on that. His drawing, The Key to a Cigarette is a Man Named Narch, stopped me in my tracks at a fairly amazing show of drawings at Daniel Weinberg Gallery at 6150 Wilshire. There were fine works by everyone from Ed Ruscha and Lee Bonteceau to Daniel Zeller and Hilary Harkness, but there was something about the daring in this Whitlatch piece that I loved. The mix of exquisite details, space, and a few minimalist touches create a sweet tension that somehow fills the frame. "Tension" isn't quite the word though. This drawing is more like an engine than anything: friction producing movement and awe.

3. Rosanna Bruno should have a show in Los Angeles. It's just a hunch, but I'm pretty sure that it would be all perfect-like if she did. She is very much a New York artist, but there's something about the light in LA that would work well with her paintings.

4. The Rauschenberg Combine show at MOCA. I saw this show at The Met and was appropriately knocked out, but--if you can even begin to imagine--it's even stronger at MOCA. Working with less floorspace than the Met, the installation augments the show in a way it didn't at the Met. There are a few magical vantage points where you can look through the exhibit and see the combines overlapping across space and time.

5. Why do young artists even bother to live in New York anymore? What a waste of their time, money, and power. Go West, young men and young women. Go West.

6. Z-Boy sneakers and gear. Totally rad and filled with the spirit of Dogtown. Not an easy thing to translate, but they've done it.

7. I love LA. I mean, I reallyreallyreally love LA.


pd said...

Hey HAA, it's funny because I had a dream about LA last night. I was sorta stranded there looking for a place to stay because my friends who live there were gone. Very odd.
You really oacked in a lot of art viewing. When I go next, I'll have to get some tips from you.

Heart As Arena said...

How mystical, Peeds. I'll be happy to pass on the tips. I got some good ones from some very helpful souls when I went. LA very much rocked my heart. Much, much goodness. Obviously. And free Z-Boy sneakers to boot. (But that's another story.)

peeds said...

I want some Z-boys. They look great.

JD said...

yes, one color slowly burning into another! Excellent description, HAA. And Rosanna's work would be great in LA. You're making me reconsider my perpetual hatred for the place. Almost.

Heart As Arena said...

Yeah, JD. It was great from go to gone. I haven't had an urban revelation like this since my first visit to NYC.

fisher6000 said...

HAA--Yes, LA's scene rules, it's way fresher and way kinder to the youngun than NYC.

But man, the grinding madness of living there and depending on the freeway system to get anything *done* would change your tune in a matter of months.

Besides, LA is lonely. I like to brush against strangers, and I love banter.

Heart As Arena said...

I couldn't agree with you more, F6K. There was a level of vibrancy and freshness that I was feeling out there that I haven't felt here in awhile. Granted, it was new to me so that probably contributed to the feeling, but seriously . . . no matter how you slice it . . . LA felt pretty much like it was on fire.

And Heh-heh. You're not the first person to say that to me. Although most would give me LESS than a couple months to feel that way. I don't know, though. My experience crushed every single preconception I had going into it.

And it's not lonely here? It's just a different kind of lonely.

fisher6000 said...

Yeah, a different kind of lonely that I like better. Choose your poison, you know?

Heart As Arena said...

Ha!!! Well put, D6K. You me both.