Thursday, August 24, 2006

Los Angeles County Museum on Fire.

To be more specific, LACMALabs is on fire with Consider This . . ., an interactive exhibit designed by Barbara Kruger. It features the artists Mark Bradford, Dorit Cypis, Margaret Honda, Philip Rantzer, Mario Ybarra, Jr., and Bruce Yonemoto, and the work of anybody who comes to the show and wants to join in. Everybody (And I mean everybody. Very punk rock, that.) brings all their hopes and fears through the doors, and if they so choose they can add them to the exhibit. Kruger's text frames the exhibit, while the specific installations dig into and inspire it's audience in a more surgical way.

The title Consider This . . . works as both an open invitation and as a taunt. As in, consider this . . . motherfuckers. Like, wouldn't it be mad if we opened up our tunnel jet vision? In our stupid times it was moving--no, it was stunning-- to be in a place where considering anything at all was encouraged. Thinking was OK. Hopefully this crazy idea will spread. But I'm not holding my breath. I must not think bad thoughts.

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