Monday, October 29, 2007

The Boatman's Call.

There would have been no Nick Cave without the recently departed Porter Wagoner. If you need proof, I refer you to The Trip, a collection of songs curated by Jarvis Cocker. Pulp's former frontman places Wagoner's classic, "The Rubber Room", between songs by The Birthday Party and Psychic TV, and the Grand Ole Opry star out-freaks both of them. I defy you to listen to the first few lines of that song and not hear the vocal and phrasing style that Cave has built an entire career on.

Besides being influential, Porter Wagoner was first and foremost entertaining as all get-out. When I was a kid there was this perfect spot of syndicated Saturday evening TV that ended with Hee-Haw and started with The Porter Wagoner Show. Lots of Nudies. Lots of bad jokes. Plenty of great songs. Sometimes there was Dolly Parton. Good times. He will be missed. Rest in peace.

Here's a clip of Wagoner within the last year on Letterman with Marty Stuart.

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