Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jonathan LeVine Gallery Photo Policy. Update. Credit Where It's Due.

I really didn't care about the Buchel/MassMoCA mess and then I did for 5 minutes and then I got over it. Let's boil the fat off that one, shall we . . . The institution made a slew of legal missteps from beginning to end, and the artist was, well, let's face it: kind of a dick. OK. Like I said in my Super Addendum to that post: Over it.

But HERE'S something I care about because, well, it effects ME. And that's what it's all about here. The Jonathan LeVine Gallery responded to my post from a few weeks ago regarding their photography policy. I just noticed it yesterday so I'm posting a link back to the original post which includes their response.

As I said then, I can think of a number of reasons to have a No Photo policy. I have to say that I hadn't thought of this one. The gallery IS open to press photography (Which my own experience there bears out.). They're NOT open to people taking photographs of work and then selling said photographs for their own gain. I don't know if the impetus for this act of appropriation was a financial one or if it was something else. No matter, as a gallery, people selling stuff "by" your artist has gotta suck.

I originally stated that all I can ask for is a conversation. Once again, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery has provided just that. I very much appreciate their engagement, and I believe that their policy should be respected. Having said that, I still stand by my original opinion that restricting photography in any way in a gallery is, in the end, a losing battle that limits the possibilities of the art.


Mark said...

I can't possibly maintain my billion dollar blog posting empire with out pictures! Oh no, I'm f-cked!!

julie said...

I stumbled upon this and am glad that I went to see the Soto exhibit a few years ago.I took lavish pix and had a wonderful time perusing the fine art at the distinguished Jonathan Levine Gallery.
I agree with the new policy, only I grieve over the fact that our society is so damned money hungry, that folks would actually take it upon themselves to so obviously and blatantly rip people off. I am all for appropriation and creativity, but copying is wrong.
Once again, the few ruin it for the many.