Friday, October 26, 2007


The following six art blogs are doing something right.
Anonymous Female Artist aka Militant Art Bitch aka Edna
Art Fag City
Regina Hackett
Modern Art Notes
Two Coats of Paint
Edward Winkleman

Charlie Finch's latest effort to titillate his boss, Artnet editor Walter Robinson, is as clueless and mean as ever, not to mention obvious in its timing. His sputter aimed at the art blogosphere came a day after the November issue of Art In America hit the stands wherein Peter Plagens has a conversation with a group of art bloggers, addressing the "growing presence of art writing online." It's an excellent and lively dialogue with one gaff by Plagens. He mistakenly allows Robinson to help him frame the conversation. It's a mistake because Artnet is very much not a blog. The line that Plagens draws to include Robinson in his intro is a weak one.

Anti-money quote:
"Sometimes it's hard to tell where hard-core art publishing leaves off and blogging begins. Walter Robinson, editor of the most conspicuous online art magazine, the price-tracking and marketing services site, says, 'I sometimes joke that we're a blog disguised as an international art magazine.'"

Robinson gets his funny inverted. Artnet is actually just another international art magazine disguised as a blog. I could spend some time taking Finch's look-at-me drivel to task, but I can't get riled up enough about it to get me past the 5 minutes I've already wasted writing this. Yesterday makes me yawn, especially when it's heaving and toothless.


JD said...

Right on the money, HAA. Hey, it's free publicity from a clueless idiot.flanny

bgfa said...

Charlie Finch would love to think of himself as an edgy, bad boy persona. Maybe once, a long time ago, he was. But this piece firmly establishes him in the upper echelon of the establishment, fearful of anything new. Especially anything that might represent a threat to his livelihood.

Mark Barry said...

Finch's last post??? trying a new cocktail of meds, wtf?? The great part of blogging is the openness and rarely mean spirited discourse.

Heart As Arena said...

jd: Thanks and Yep.

bg: Well put. The future is a muthafuckah, ain't it? Hell, the present seems to be problematic for these two.

mark: It's territorial pissing. Nothing more. Nothing less.

libby said...

aaah, it's easy to take potshots at other people and it's easy to be negative all the time. I say, forget it and don't read him. Life is short.

Anonymous said...

". ., says, 'I sometimes joke that we're a blog disguised as an international art magazine.'"

seriously dude? wow.
they still don't get it. Probably never will.