Sunday, October 21, 2007


There's a nice group show at Like The Spice in Williamsburg curated by Eric LoPresti, but it wasn't what blew my doors off. That was waiting for me downstairs where I found the work of photographer/manipulator Anna Druzcz. I was listening to the pastoral weirdness of Il Balletto Di Bronzo's Ys on my iPod before I got to the gallery so I was very much in the frame of mind for the dark and cracked beauty of Druzcz's landscapes. I couldn't get enough of these luscious turbulent things. More please.


Avi said...

WOW! (Like that, with all caps.) This looks like it might be my kind of art. I used to really be into these kinds of things when I was younger; some of the surrealistic stuff I outgrew, but the embers flare up again when I see this type of work. Reminds me of why I wanted to be an artist growing up.

Anyway, thanks for the alert. I'll have to check out the gallery.

Heart As Arena said...

Oh, excellent. Glad you like. I was really bummed I missed the full show last month. There were apparently some large-scale ones that went the way of collectors. But not to worry, the pieces that are downstairs are well worth the trip if you're digging it.