Thursday, April 03, 2008

BMA Finds New Way To Fuck Itself.

Brooklyn Museum of Art, I have to work hard enough at loving you. You only make it more difficult when you pull shit like this (via bloggy). Most people will find it insulting that the BMA is going to honor eminent domain grabber Bruce Ratner because of his hammerhead attempts at the theft of a neighborhood. Personally, I've never forgiven the guy for building the worst, most oppressive building I've ever entered, The Atlantic Mall (pictured above). I still have a bad physical reaction at the memory of walking through its over-sized high school hallway design, wondering where the stores are. He is Hell. And the only people who should be celebrating Hell are the pros. So, unless the Brooklyn Museum of Art has recently become a Black Metal band they shouldn't be honoring this guy.


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Can you believe that shit, Bivs? Ugh.