Friday, November 21, 2008

And Her Feet Flyin' Up In The Air.

Kate Gilmore, Walk This Way, 2008, single channel video.

Man. It's gonna be one hell of an art weekend. Two of my faves have openings, Kate Gilmore and Zoe Strauss. First up . . . Kate Gilmore. Kate's show opens tonight at Smith-Stewart on the LES. The still shown above is classic Gilmore: tearing through shit with an attention to color. The narrative that develops during the course of her videos is involving as hell, but what holds the viewer closer is her absolute command of color. I will follow. I will follow. But you already know that.

And yes, I just built a bridge between Aerosmith, U2, and feminist performance art. And now that I've used the phrase "feminist performance art" I have to cancel it out by saying that I think Gilmore's works also on a very, very personal level, and that anything political flows from that. I might be wrong though. [Update: I'm not.] I've never asked her about this. But that's how it works for me.

Presently, you can also see Gilmore's work at the ICA in Philly, AND in the show I curated at Pluto Gallery. Ooh. Also, she has a piece in the very excellent group show at Apex Art, Perverted by Theater curated by Franklin Evans and Paul David Young. She's all over the place.

Addendum. It's been itching at the back of my skull all day. That still I posted reminded me of a painting, but I couldn't remember which one. It just came to me . . . Charline von Heyl's MB from 2005. There you have it.

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