Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Time In The Shitty.

All this recent talk of the movie based on the Thomas Kinkade painting reminded me of this post I did back in March of 2007 inspired by Tyler's suggestion that we list our 5 picks for paintings to be turned into movies. I couldn't resist reposting (repitching) my idea for the film. I still think my idea would have been better even though I still don't have a plot for it. I also bet that what they have come up with is STILL better than whatever uberhack Quentin Tarrantino is working on right now. Anyway, to quote myself . . .

Actually, I think that the idea to turn this piece of shit Thomas Kinkade painting into a movie is much better than giving Quentin Tarrantino more money to make another one of his boring amoral crapfests. I've no idea what the plot should be, but the soundtrack absolutely must be culled from Tiny Tim's Christmas Album and the entire Blowfly catalogue. Speaking of the latter, I can't think of a better romantic male lead for the film.

Photo of Blowfly and his friend by Michael Pilmer © 2006

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