Saturday, November 22, 2008


"Politicians and dictators and the guys with the dough
They think they run the world but they just dont know
cause down here on the street we got it under control
From Berlin to San Francisco, from New York to Tokyo"

--Todd Rundgren from One World

Opening tonight! Zoe Strauss' America: We Love Having You Here at Silverstein. I look forward to this opening/book signing/dance party for both the celebration and the mourning it will hold. Both exist in Strauss' work simultaneously, and we're going to need to follow her lead to make room to celebrate the move forward with our election of Obama while recognizing all we've lost (lives, hearts, minds) in the last 8 years of the porcupine assfuck that was George "Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil" Bush. A dream goes on forever, but hopefully, our nightmares might just have brakes. We love having you here? No, Zoe. We love having you here.

Roberta Smith said this last time around . . . "Ms. Strauss's images are not without tenderness [HAA: Click here for musical equivalent], but their harsh, unblinking force is a bit like a punch in the face [HAA: Click here for musical equivalent]. They show us what most Americans don't want to see."

Let's follow Zoe on this one, kids. Look directly. Look with love. Look deep. Let's go.

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