Sunday, November 09, 2008

He's Happy. I'm Happy.

Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Untitled (Boxer)

Christie's preview today, man. And Lars' baby is on the block. You KNOW I'm not gonna miss this. I'd feel bad for him had I not seen how happy he gets when he sells Basquiat paintings. Seriously. Don't miss that last link. Both eye and heart in the right place.

UPDATE: OMG, the filthy rich are hilarious to watch. I've never heard so many people wanting to be, um, overheard. They'll make great pets.

Favorite non-moment. I'm practically in prayer in front of a Jack Goldstein, and this guy comes near the piece. Backs up to look at it. Starts writing something down. I'm, like, cool. A Goldstein fan. I say, "Great painting, right?" When he realizes I'm talking about the Goldstein he points to the Thomas Ruff next to it and says, "Actually, I'm interested the Ruff." (and then he mutters some shit about the price). Of course you are, dude. Why have taste and money?


madeleine said...

Watching that Lars link, I am kind of tempted to think his wife pushed him into selling...but I could be totally wrong.

Heart As Arena said...

Number 1: You should watch the whole doc just because it's GREAT. Some Kind of Monster.

Number 2: Nah. I think he's just been in a clearing out mode. I heard he's been buying more contemporary stuff. Although I forget where I heard that so I might be totally wrong about that.