Monday, November 24, 2008

Unbreak My Heart. Some shots.

I spent the day with Unbreak My Heart today. I must say, it does rock. Here are some shots of the installation.

Beth Gilfilen, Luke Whitlatch

Rosanna Bruno

Luke Whitlatch

Beth Gilfilen

EJ Hauser

Kate Gilmore, Rosanna Bruno

Robert Schatz


Mark said...

Looks GREAT!!

madeleine said...

that Beth Gilfon work rocks my socks off!

Heart As Arena said...

Thanks, Mark!

And yeah. Kinda great, right Madleine? Killer stuff.

And apologies to 2 commentors whose comments I lost because blogger can occasionally suck.

Shea said...


Heart As Arena said...

Ashes & something. I can't remember the second part of your name. Also, due to the fact that the blogger comment moderator interface is idiotic, I lost your comment. I have to figure out how to approve a comment by hitting "approve". If you want to post again, I'll approve it correctly this time. Anyway, you said . . .

Luke Whitlatch - Really love the folded canvases.

Heart As Arena said...

And then Ashes & something, I said, "Hell, yeah!"

The Basic: said...

I've been a lurker for too long. I love your taste in art work, it is truly, truly awesome. I just wanted to let you know that you gave this lowly art school grad student who just went through review (and got called old-fashioned and not-hip for just wanting to paint and draw abstractly) some hope of future appreciation. Damn good job.

Thank you

Heart As Arena said...

TB: You officially just made my day.

Lost in Ephrata said...

I'm very sad that we could not see it in person, so next best is sighing over the pictures. Frickin' ice storm!!