Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black Hole Meandering.

Grinning death's head Artist unknown, 1939-1945. Pencil on paper.

OK. Weird post, but death is in the air. It all started when I watched Blagojevich's press conference tonight. I kept thinking he was going to pull a Bud Dwyer. Of course, that made me curious about what was out there about the late Mr. Dwyer. (If you Google the dude, I'm going to warn you now NOT to watch the video. Seriously.) That led me to the wikipedia entry for List of unusual deaths. Totally odd and entertaining. Keeping on the same track I tried to find out something about a truly storming Black Metal cassette I got last week, Grinning Death's Head. Couldn't find anything but a listing, but I did come across the above drawing on The National Archives site. Quite happily, I'm blaming all this on the fact that today was International Blastbeat Celebration Day! Been listening to Repulsion, Nasum, and, of course NP, to celebrate. But really. Really, this is all about the fact that I haven't gotten out to see any art in awhile. De-installed the show last weekend though, so I'll be getting back my life all soon-like. And obviously, I need to see some art.


Anonymous said...

have you found anything? I've heard random stuff about grinning death-s head and I want to know if they're nsbm or not.

JW said...

GDH is not NSBM.