Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Moment of Zen.

Yes. It's another post on one of my favorite music/art objects of all time, Buddha Machine. I had planned just to direct you to Critic's Notebook on the subject by Sasha Frere-Jones from the last issue of The New Yorker, but then there was a more full-on post on SF-J's NYer blog. Seriously, it's all you need. Links galore AND a short interview with half of the group fm3, the machine's creators. Do not miss the link to the Zendesk FM3 Buddha Machine wall. You can listen to the loops on your desktop, plus you can layer up to 21 of those loops, which has pretty much been my dream since I got my first Buddha Machine. Seriously. This is one of the most perfect objects you'll ever own. Buy two.

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