Friday, January 16, 2009

(Un)breaking Down.

Kate Gilmore, video still from Heartbreaker

This is it, kids. The last weekend to see utterly awesome Unbreak My Heart at PLUTO Gallery in Brooklyn. Big ups to Plutonians Bill and Molly, all the asskicking artists who laid down such wicked good work, and finally to all of you who stopped by to rock. Stoopid big hugs to all.

I'll be there on Sunday. Stop by. There will be beer. There will be tears. Then there will be more beer.


Mark said...

Eww the frosty Irons look good. I only got to appreciate the photos, my big loss. Looks like you did a fabulous job dude! Congratulations.

Heart As Arena said...

Thanks, my man. Next time.

Nomi Lubin said...

Great to see the show a second time. Thank you.

And I cried all the way home, so I got the tears in.

Take care.

Heart As Arena said...

Thanks for stopping by.